New Paradise of Silent Island2022


Welcome to the 2022 New Paradise of Silent Island!


The flamboyant and giant Barbie Carnival Party is coming again! Come and join us in the Taiwanese-style cosplay party!


Mixed with cultural experiences of temple festivities and parades for greeting gods, the reproduction of the classic work by choreographer Ho Hsiao-mei, New Paradise of Silent Island, is to be staged at the Blue Box of Taipei Performing Arts Center! It reassembles those highly identifiable cultural symbols in contemporary Taiwan society, such as betel nut beauties, glove puppets, a silt walker and the Eight Generals of Taoist temple rituals and, of course, Barbie dolls, and re-interprets traditional Taiwanese elements with strong visual effects and contemporary theater languages. 


With three high installments for puppet shows to reflect a golden ukiyo-e from the hybridization of the sense of Taiwan and the foreign and construct a dynamic time and space of traditional open-air theater, this production invites you to expand sensual experience and open up your imagination. A colorful and mind-blowing journey is about to begin and this time, you’re welcome to come as close as possible to the giant dancers, who will travel with you through the time of Taiwanese-style fantasy!


Production Team

Artistic Director and Choreographer:Ho Hsiao-Mei 

Producer Consultant:Lin Chia-Feng

Producer:Yang Chih-Hsin

Project Coordination:Huang Yimg-Ru

Dramaturg Director:Kuo Jing-Hong

Rehearsal Director:Chen Ying-Chih

Performer:Yu Chein-Hung, Chang Kuo-Wei, Hsu Chen-Wei, Lai Yi-Shan, Ho Ting-I, Hsu Pei-Jia, Li Chun, Tsou Ying-Lin,Liang Ching-Yu, Wu Ying-Fang

TLBE Brass Musician:Shao Jia-Hsu (Saxophone)

Lighting Design:Tsao An-Huei

Costume Design:Zeng Tien-Yu

Reproduce Costume Design:Hsu Yu-Chia, Yu Cheng-Zong

Costume Design Assistant:Chung Wen-Feng

Music Design:Chen Yang

Reproduce Music Design:Betty Apple

Prop Design:Hozen Plan Co.,LTD, Shin sheng Opera Troupe

General Director:Chang Heng

Stage Manager:Chen Cheng-Hua

Assistant Stage Manager:Tsai I-Yun


Stage Crew:Lo Yu-Lun,Chang Pei-En,Wang Po-Ya,Tung Hsiang-Chun,Tang Ya-Lun,Li Yu-Sheng,Yeh Shao-I,Wu Yu-Ying,Hs  Pei-Ching,Chou Yu-Hsiang,Lei Yang-Lung

Master Electrction:Tang Ching-Ya

Programming:Tsai Cheng-Lin

Lighting Technician:Cheng Tsung-Chin,Ho Pei-Chin,Chou Yu-Chen,Sung I-Lin, Hsiao Ya-Ting

Sound Supervisor:Huang Hui-Yu, Chung Yang-Che

Sound Technician:Lin,Ming-Lun

Projection Directer:Huang Yen-Husn,Tsai Cheng-Lin

Post-Production Crew:Yang Yao-Jhen, Marbo Wu, Y.C. Lee, Claire Pao, Eric Ha

Photographer:Liu Chen-Hsiang, Kung Chia-Yen, Huang Huang-Chih

Volunteer Performer:Lin Su-Chun, Lai Ruei-Chun, Chen Ya-hsin, Chen Yin-Han, Ku Yuan-Hsi, CY Wang

Key Visual Design:Chen Hung-Chi